WEEK 6 – It’s Time for the Trip to Penang! :D YAYYYY

Hello all of you!

So this is week 6 of the class 😀 Guess what?

WE WENT TO PENANG! YAYYYYYYY!!! So we have some photos for your eyes only. 🙂 These moments we had in Penang was so great that we enjoyed ourselves very much. We had taken so many pictures, but of course, we would like to upload our selfies and we-fies pictures first 😀 🙂 😉 and yes we have lots of sceneries picture. ^^ We’ll let you see the gallery later on, okay? It was awesome in Penang! Do come there ❤                                                                                                             IMG_0178 IMG_0181 IMG_0171 IMG_0280 IMG_0451 IMG_0473 IMG_0033 IMG_0460 IMG_0481 IMG_0124 IMG_0251 IMG_0063


Week 5- Deciding!

Hello !

For today’s class, Dr Rosseini explained to us about the group’s project and also about our biggest project so far, which is our first Teslian’s trip to Penang. She explained to us all the necessary things that should be done during our trip to Penang, and she reminded us to complete our draft for the group’s video by the deadline. As for now, we still didn’t have a final decision for our video, but we have some good ideas though, which are documentary about nature and a silent story about an introvert life.

Dr. Rosseini also showed us the video on how to take a good shot to make sure that the audience get the message besides to assure that our video gives a great impact to the audience. We also learned on how to embedded and deliver our message in the video throughout the production. We decided to use a close shot to make sure that our audience get the message.

After that, we had a quick group discussion to decide the theme for our video but we still couldn’t decide on the theme as not all of the members of our group were present today. So, we decided to stay with ‘nature’ till we have another discussion.

Week 4- Group Formed! Ohh yeahh!

Hello there! So this is the entry of when we first formed our group. At first it was only four of us which are Nataliah, Syafiq, Pheonysia and Azrulshafik. But then, as the past few weeks before, there were some students who had not join any groups yet, so we took Farah Afifah as our group member and that is when our group of five named as Realists.

We named our group as Realists based on the video that we are going to make as we took the Nature as a theme of it and we realize how important the Mother Earth to us.

Ohh yea, about the video that we are going to make, we had not been told briefly about it during the lectures before but so far what we knew was, we can choose our own theme and make a short video out of it and we have chosen Azrulshafik as our director and editor as he is the one who great in this department. We had not been told explicitly about the video making because we have another assignments + fieldtrip in Penang soon before the Midsem break,which required us to take a photos of the historical buildings there and edited it using apps in the Ipad.

So before we end this first entry, this is the picture of our group member;

So far we are working great and each member has their own parts and they are playing it as planned and with the help of our great lecturer, Dr Rosseni and her assistants (Akak2). : )